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How refreshing to be in touch with a breeder as professional as you.We were especially impressed with the "Application Form".  Our family spent a great deal of time together on this and found it created some very ejoyable and intriguing discussions.  Lisa - Menomomee Falls

I can't begin to thank you for entrusting one of your adorable, smart, and friendly wheatens to us.  We love him dearly. He has enriched all of our lives.  Toni - Glenview

You have restored our faith in humanity.  Please keep up your good works and know how appreciated you are. Crissy

Thanks so much for breeding these dogs.  They have added so much to our lives. We lost a son and these dogs have helped fill a gap in our hearts. Jane - Ohio

Thanks for picking out the greatest dog in the world for us.  Janie - Libertyville

Our family companion is gone.He was clearly the most handsome dog on the North Shore and the best family pet anyone could ever hope for. Dogs fil lots of voids in our lives and he always gave us happiness.His cute wags and loving kisses will forever be in our hearts. Thank you for sharig him with us.  Georgia - Lake Bluff

The biggest surprise is how much my husband has become attached to the dog.  I hear him quietly calling him to jump up on the bed in the morning to give him a good morning kiss. He is a fun, loving, happy boy with only a little stubborn streak (somewhat like my children). Janet - Wilmette

Emma and Maggie are quite a pair and very different.  Maggie is very serious. She has a job....not sure what it is but she has a job. Emma is light hearted.  She spent the summer in my pachysandra looking for chipmunks.  She didn't get any but she is dedicated.To think people spend thousands of dollars on security systes when all they need are two terriers.  My security system gives me kisses. I now understand why dog breeder's have signs saying not to ring the doorbell. Gretchen - Woodstock

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