I love the personal touch of grooming my wheatens wherever they reside.  I also take pleasure in making any wheaten look like the breed standard.  I therefore am not a fan of the "puppy cut" in which the fall is removed and the dog is clipped short with a lot of furnishings on the tail, rear and ears.

Negatives about the puppy cut are as follows:

    1.   The fall is there to protect their eyes from harsh sunlight.  If your wheaten's     eyes are runny, it is probably because the fall has been removed.

    2.   Keeping the hair on the ears long often encourages ear intections.  Due to their flop over construction, water that may get into the ear canal has a better chance of getting out when a dog shakes than if the hair is kept long.

    3.   Your dog will be more hygenically clean when the hair on the rear is kept to a minimum.  Not having "little clumps" will make your dog feel more comfortable and you will have less clean up.

    4.   Wheatens can sunburn.  The coat is their protection from the direct sun and keeps their skin from becoming dry and itchy.

     5.  Lastly, the standard for grooming a wheaten has never shown a puppy cut.  You can keep your dog relatively maintenance free with a shorter cut, but continuing the proper framing. 

And yes, I will groom a wheaten that is not of my breeding!

Before                                 After

I would be more than happy to groom your wheaten.  Where you obtained him is of no concern to me. 

An appointment is required as your dog will be the only one being groomed.  You therefore do not have to worry about parasites, fleas, etc. from other animals.

Your dog will be washed with breed appropriate shampoos rather than "products on hand". 

Once washed, your wheaten will be blown dry in sections to prevent matting, not caged with a dryer aimed at him. 

He will be groomed with thinning shears, not just clipper and scissors. 

And best yet, he will look like the breed when completed. 

Our prices are more than competitive so you will not be charged for the additional care.  Can't beat that!


       Mirror Mirror on the Wall.....Clancy is the most handsome of all!

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