After Death Care

In Memoriam:


"Kaffi" passed away 8/11/2011 at age 16 and 1 month.

            Bless you for that cloud image.  You were a good mommie!


  "Skyrocket" passed away 9/12/11  less than one month from his 15th birthday.   

 My Rocket Man! And a rocket in the sky you sent!  Kathy saw it too!  Sail on my sweet.  Kathy, Matt and I will miss your gentle soul.


"Blaze" passed away 1/5/2012.  She was 16 and 3 months.      I will miss you.  You taught me a lot!


 "Kiddles"  March 17, 2014  just 2 weeks shy of 15.

You tried your best to make it to 15.  What a trooper.


"Nellee" 3/12/2014 and "Mianina" 12/10/2014

The two of you collectively broke my heart.  Nellee, you truly know what suffering means.  A true lesson in strength of character. Mianina how in the world did you get a big dog syndrome?  Thank God in your case your suffering was short, for me.... shocking.  I will cherish my last vision of you jumping in the air with all four feet off the ground and wagging that precious tail.  You were Dr. Fritz's favorite!  No wonder.

"Lotela" June 16, 2015  Only 6 and a half years old.  You gave a brave and good fight for six weeks but PLN is not reversable.  Such a sweet, gentle and feminine little girl.  Only the good die young!

"Tanzi"  November 27, 2016 the day after Thanksgiving at age 12.  It is a blessing you went so quick without any suffering.  You  produced stunning puppies.  The second to have a Grand Champion.  Not surprising as your Grand Dam was # 1 in the country.

"Splash"  December 22, 2016 ...three days before Christmas.  You were fine at 6:30, in crisis at 7:30, and spiking a temperature of 106.9 by 8. The most horrific and shocking death I have ever experienced as a dog owner. Six veterinarians are still stymied. And I am devastated. I miss you more than you know and have never felt more helpless. 

"Fire"  April 7, 2016 again at age 6 and a half.  My second PLN.  We know wherein the problem lies for both you and Lotela.  A breeding program is only as good as the honesty of the stud dog owner.  (You know who you are and you should be ashamed of yourself.) A month and a half before Fire was winning in the show ring. The first symptom presented itself 9 days ago as a sudden weight loss within one week. You fought hard those 9 days and never gave in to the discomfort you felt.  My precious little carousel girl. Run free in the heavens. You truly were a "precious gem".

"Jazzi"   May 2016   almost 12 Who says the females aren't as loving.  My little lap sitter.  Your son Dickens is now a Championship  in your honor.    

"Nalea"  June 2016   over 14 years old.  The last of a line, but what a line.  "Tiana", then "Lanelle",then "Banner" and finally you.  Sweet beyond description, loyal and unforgetable.  Say hello to Nellee for me.

"Milligan"  Nov 12, 2016    What in the name of God happened.  You got your rabies shot on my birthday in September and was gone within two months.  You perplexed all the Veterinarians and broke my heart dropping while making eye contact.  My stud dog!.  Your offspring are beautiful and I can see you in them.  My patient, warm, gentle, go with the flow boy. Spectacular coat, color, and temperament.

"Rave"   Nov 21, 2016  Only two and a half months shy of 16. You watched Milligan fail and passed away a week after your buddy.  Give him a hug and kiss for me.  Together again.  And say hi to your brother Razz who passed away four months before you.


"Amber":  December 1, 2018  Oh Amber...another shock. In the morning you were running around the yard.  In the early evening you were gone. Even the Veterinarians did not have an explanation. You and I planned on sharing our "old age" together. For whatever remaining years I may have, you will be foremost in my heart. And, as amazing as you were, thank you for letting me know you still are near!

"Graci":         New Years Eve 2018   You gave it your best shot and your gold heart just gave out. The smartest dog ever.  If there were a doggie Mensa you would have qualified....yep, in a heart beat.  You out smarted three different owners and knew how to pay each one of us back for "our trangressions". While crated you managed to turn on the water faucet flooding the room when I went to a dog show without you.  Who else would think to run up the ladder on a slide with a hose and slide down.  Gale still laughs at your honking the horn at me when I was headed to the van. The day of your death you managed to again open your crate door and appeared in the kitchen to supervise my making your egg. I have a Masters Degree and you still challenged me every day of your life.  I will miss your sense of humor and determination in all things!!!



  Ch. Tiffen's Shaboom Shaboom

                       Forever remembered and always in our hearts

My commitment to the well being of all dogs motivated me to begin a business called "With Dignity" in 1992.  I was at an animal hospital when a van pulled up.  The driver opened the back and a number of deceased pets fell to the cement.  I watched in horror as the driver tossed these beloved pets back into the truck by a leg, tail, etc.  I have NEVER wanted any of my pets treated in that manner.  I began my business shortly thereafter even though a Veterinary friend of mine warned me that the after death care of animals was shocking.  He was correct.  Fortunately, as the years progress, there are more and more safeguards being added in Illinoia.  Unfortunately, not all cemetaries or crematories comply.  Within the Chicagoland area I can only personally recommend two crematories and only three cemetaries.

I hold a Masters Degree from DePaul University in Guidance and Counseling.  I specialize in Pet Loss.  I have found over the years that my clients recover much more rapidly from the loss of their beloved pet knowing that that animal was safe in my care.

With Dignity Inc. will pick up your deceased pet from your home or veterirnary clinic.  Your pet will be transported to the crematory or cemetery of your choice while traveling in a pet bed, respectfully covered with a blanket and any other items you wish to accompany them.  Your pet will be tracked every step of the way and treated as though it were one of our own.

When that painful time arrives, we will be there for you.  You may rest assured that your beloved pet will be treated "with dignity" every step of the way.  It will be the last gift you can give your devoted family member.

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