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I went to the Internation Dog Show in Chicago in 1981 with a list of nine breeds I was interested in.  While at ringside, I saw the most incredible dogs.  I tore up my list on the spot, put down a deposit and then asked the name of the breed.  They were Soft Coated Wheatens and the breeder was sure I had lost my mind.  I had! I've been crazy about the breed ever since.I waited six months for my puppy.  Due to an unexpected surgery I required, the breeder sold my girl to someone else.  I waited another six months.  Finally, "Tiffen" and I headed to her new home.  I only wanted a pet female but Tiffen was a "show dog".  Contractually, Tiffen had to earn her Championship....but not by me.  I was terrified of "the ring".  Who would have guessed that after hiring a handler, I would be the one to finish her.  Twenty seven years later, I would still prefer being in the show ring than gardening, reading or playing bridge although I enjoy all of the above.

I wasn't interested in whelping a litter, but contractually, she was to be bred.  Her litter was born in 1984 (ten).  Hooked again.  Five became Champions like their mother. 

In 1983 "Dazzle" joined our soon to be growing family.  In 1984 my breeder placed a bitch named "Chantelle" with me.  She had been in several homes and was quite a challenge.  With my background as a junior high counselor, the breeder hoped I would be able to work with her.  I was told she would not be able to compete in the show ring.  Chantelle became my third Champion.

"Dazzle" "Chantelle"

In 1987 both "Tiffen" and Dazzle" were in the top ten Terrier Producers.

In 1988 "Kyndallynn" was the #1 wheaten bitch in the country.  A Dazzle daughter and a Champion at 9 months old.  Dazzle was still listed in the top ten of Terrier Producers with 8 Champion offspring. 

In 1989 "Clancy" became the #3 wheaten dog.  A Dazzle son,  littermate of Kyndallynn and a Champion at 10 months old.

"Clancy"  " Kyndallynn"  "Dazzle"

I stopped counting Champions when I hit 60.  For me, it is not about ego.  It is about the joy of working in partnership with my wheaten.  We, dogs and I, truly enjoy the sport. I therefore groom, train and show my own wheatens.  No handlers required. 

From my point of view, there is only one possible negative to breeding.  Prospective owners can be a disappointment.  I therefore have resorted to an interview form to hopefully discourage those who are unable to make the committment required.  I do not consider these dogs library books to be returned .  If it is your desire to increase your family by adding a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier to a forever home, please request an interview form.  All others need not apply! 

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